Innovative Medical Technology

Thank you for visiting the site of Innovative Medical Technology (IMT). We are here to help you understand new and innovative medical advancements and how they could impact you. There are many medical advancements and new ones pop up each day. We are all grateful for improvements to medicine and healthcare, but we should still be cautious. 

Some medical innovations have changed the healthcare landscape, increasing lifespans, and helping with pain management. Although medical innovation can improve the lives of people everywhere, there are some risks when trying out new technology, new drugs, and new treatment plans. 

Sometimes, medical advancements can have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. For example, you could be hurt because of dangerous products that haven’t been fully tested. 

That’s why Innovative Medical Technology was created. We are here to help inform you of products that could be hazardous, of lawsuits that have been filed concerning certain types of drugs or merchandise, and we provide general information regarding medical malpractice and healthcare.

Why We Care

One of the founders of Innovative Medical Technology was injured by a new surgical procedure. Though they aren’t bitter about it, they do believe their injury could have been prevented had more testing occurred before the procedure was offered to the public. 

A number of medical advancements have been shown to have side effects or to cause negative health issues down the road. You should be aware of the risks associated with certain types of products or procedures before you use these products or engage in a healthcare treatment plan.

Examples of Medical Innovations We Might Cover on This Site

We aren’t negative Nancys all the time, and we will cover products, medical services, and treatment plans that we believe are working in addition to covering medical innovations we think may need more testing:

  • Robots that perform surgery
  • New cancer drugs or cancer treatments
  • New surgical implants or procedures
  • New drugs
  • Life-saving machinery and equipment
  • Medical malpractice concerning any of the above
  • New procedures, rules, or laws that put patients at risk

Innovative Medical Technology Is Not Against Medicine and Innovation

Although IMT is dedicated to providing you with information concerning potential issues with up-and-coming medical procedures, drugs, and products, that doesn’t mean we are anti-innovation. Quite the opposite, in fact.

IMT believes in medical innovation, and we believe that mistakes will occur as part of the learning process. However, mistakes should be made before the treatment, products, or procedures reach the consumer. Your health and safety is our top concern, and we aim to help keep you informed of potential medical hazards.