Benefits and Drawbacks of Retail Health Clinics

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It could be helpful for you to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of retail health clinics. These clinics are relatively new services provided to the public; there are many positives to these clinics, but there are some negatives as well. 

Understanding more about what these clinics have to offer, as well as the limitations, could help you to make an informed decision when choosing healthcare for yourself or your family.

Benefits of Retail Health Clinics

Convenience and multitasking are major benefits of retail health clinics. You can stop by your local CVS to pick up some milk and see a healthcare professional about a mild cough you’ve been experiencing at the same time. 

Additionally, retail health clinics often don’t require an appointment. You can simply stop by and sign your name on the list and be seen within the hour.

Not only do you not have a long wait at most clinics, but you can also see a healthcare professional the same day. Many primary care practices can’t see patients for days, weeks, or months due to busy schedules. 

Drawbacks of Retail Health Clinics

Though there are many benefits to retail health clinics, there are some drawbacks as well. First, you most likely won’t see a doctor and rather, you will see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. 

In addition, retail health clinics are only permitted to treat certain minor injuries and illnesses, such as ear infections, colds, and sinus issues, although they’ve recently added some women’s health treatment as well.

Because retail health clinics only treat minor issues, this could mean making more than one visit to a healthcare provider if you find your illness is more serious. The medical provider will likely send you to your primary healthcare provider or to the hospital.

Are Retail Health Clinics Right for You?

The benefits of convenient health clinics are noticeable and substantial, but only if you have a minor injury or illness. If you have a cold or sinus issues, you’re probably fine popping in to your local clinic. If you suspect your illness or injury is serious, you should visit your doctor or head over to the hospital or urgent care facility. 

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