Is Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

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Hormone replacement therapy is when a woman takes medication consisting of synthetic hormones, usually estrogen and progesterone, to replace the hormones that her body no longer makes. Hormone replacement therapy can be beneficial for some women, but there are risks in taking synthetic hormones. Read on to learn more about this treatment option.

What Are the Reasons for Needing Hormone Replacement Therapy?

There are many reasons that women’s hormone replacement therapy is used. For instance, hormone replacement can help with post-menopausal symptoms like night sweats, vaginal discomfort, and hot flashes. In addition, hormone replacement therapy can help prevent bone loss, such as osteoporosis. It can also help prevent colon cancer.

What Are the Risks Associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy?

There are some risks associated with hormone replacement, as with most medications. You could develop blood clots, heart disease, stroke, or breast cancer. These risks depend on many factors, such as your family history of such diseases, what age you began taking the hormone replacement medications, and various others.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

You should talk to a doctor about whether hormone therapy is right for your situation. Some women who choose to take hormone replacement therapy drugs have seen some improvement with post-menopausal symptoms. If you are dealing with post-menopausal symptoms, you may want to try hormone replacement therapy.

If you have suffered from bone loss and aren’t benefiting from other types of medications or treatments, you may want to try hormone replacement.

If you experienced early menopause (menopause before the age of 40) or early ovarian insufficiency, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy.

You should speak to a doctor about trying hormone replacement, but it has been shown to be effective at treating some of the above issues. For many women, the benefits outweigh the risks.

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